Removing warts

Removing warts

Removing warts is something you can quickly and easily do from within the comfort of your own home. Because there are different types, varieties and sizes of warts there is not one product that treats all the different varieties.


Not all wart tinctures, for example, are suitable for the removal of water warts. This is the reason why you need to make sure what kind of wart is to be treated before you treat it.


Always read the instructions before use. This will let you know what the best way is to remove the wart and how to prevent skin irritation or scarring as a result from improper use.



Common hand and foot warts

Common hand and foot warts can be removed by applying a wart tincture daily or by treating them once with cryotherapy. A wart tincture will affect the callous-like growth due to its acidic nature. This will dissolve the wart and it will eventually disappear. Protect the surrounding skin using vaseline before applying the tincture. This needs to be done to prevent the acidic fluid to damage healthy skin surrounding the wart. Freezing warts is a safe and effective way to treat them. In many cases, a single treatment will be enough to treat the wart. A wart will usually fall off within 10 to 14 days revealing healthy, new skin. You can use HeltiQ Wart Freezer to remove hand and foot warts.

Water warts

Water warts can be treated with a salve, a tincture for water warts or by freezing them using cryotherapy. Treating water warts with a tincture specially developed and intended for water warts means applying it from 1 to 4 times a day. The water warts will shrink and eventually disappear. You can use HeltiQ WartFreezer to treat water warts with cryotherapy. In most cases a single treatment should be sufficient to treat water warts.

Skin tags

Skin tags can be removed by freezing them using cryotherapy. In most cases a single treatment should be sufficient. To remove skin tags with cryotherapy you will need to apply the applicator to the skin tag. You can use HeltiQ Skin Tags to remove skin tags.


Genital warts

Genital warts can be treated with either a salve or a cream. In most cases a visit to your doctor is required.