What to do in case of chickenpox?

What to do?

Chickenpox disappears spontaneously. After 4 or 5 days the vesicles will dry up, resulting in scabs. These scabs will fall off the skin after 10 to 12 days. Often chickenpox causes discomfort and itching. Relieving the itching is very important to minimise potential inflammation and scarring.


To relieve the itching of chickenpox, HeltiQ ChickenPox Gel for the day and Oat Extract for the night can be used.


In the case of chickenpox you should keep the following things in mind:


  • Avoid scratching; keep fingernails short and clean
  • Cover baby hands and nails with gloves or socks
  • Consume cold drinks or eat popsicles against the painful spots in the mouth
  • Drink sufficient fluids in case of a fever
  • Wash the body with lukewarm or cool water; hot water can increase itching
  • Stay out of the sun, the warmth can increase the itching
  • Inform visitors that there is a case of chickenpox
  • Consult with the nursery, day-care, playgroup or school to see if your child can or cannot be present

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